Kreide | Insel Brauerei

From a 750ml bottle (paper-wrapped) served chilled at 8 degrees Celsius into a TeKu glass. Best before 13.11.2020. I picked up this beer a few weeks ago at the LCBO. My expectations are about average because of my previous experience with the brewery.


The beer pours a veiled pale gold with 6cm of dense, pillowy, white head that dissipates into a solid cap within 3+ minutes. Decent lacing with good head retention. Highly effervescent, excellent-looking beer.


Medium-light strength with good balance. Initially, the beer gives off an impression of sparkling wine. Light apple-like fruitiness and some peppery phenols at the front. Mild floral/earthy noble hop character and grainy malt playing a supportive role. The dry nose is reminiscent of pale, bready malt. Relatively simple aroma with great balance and restraint.


Follows the aroma with moderate intensity, great balance, and low perceived bitterness. The slightly tart palate opens up with light fruity esters reminiscent of apples leading to a more malt-forward center of crackery pale malt, mild floral/earthy hops, and hints of peppery phenols. The short finish is faint and balanced with notes of apples and white bread. Good stuff!


Medium body with high carbonation. Crisp, delicate, and lively mouthfeel with no apparent alcohol warming and an off-dry finish. No astringency or harshness of any kind.


Insel Brauerei's “Kreide” is an excellent beer with sparkling wine-like characteristics. I always find elegant beers to be a rare treat and Kreide fits into that category very well. It's delicate, effervescent, and well-balanced with high drinkability and subtle flavour. This makes for a great aperitif. Serve it in a flute to maximize elegance. I recommend this to anyone across-the-board for its approachable quality – who doesn't like a few ounces of champagne? I'm glad I was able to have this beer as it countered some bad experiences I've had with the brewery's line up while in Europe.

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