Anchor Steam Beer | Anchor Brewing Company

From a 355ml bottle served straight from the fridge at 8 degrees Celsius into a white wine glass. Best before date: 04/2019.


The beer pours a clear deep amber/light copper with 6cm of dense, tan head that dissipates into a craggy cap in 4-ish minutes. Great lacing and overall retention. Effervescent.


Moderate strength and sweet. The malt bill is layered and subtle with notes of toasty pale malts, dried fruit, and faint caramel. Fresh, herbal hops with cedar-like notes are also present, however a bit milder than I expected.


Follows the aroma with moderate strength and bitter balance. The front is malty with notes of toast, dried fruit (raisins), and light caramel. What follows is fresh, herbal hops with pronounced bitterness. The finish is very pleasant with medium intensity and length as well as a bitter balance.


Medium body with fairly mild carbonation. Creamy and leaning towards dry. No astringency or alcohol warming. Nothing unpleasant whatsoever.


The first American craft beer. I remember having it once before but I lacked the perspective and mileage to fully appreciate it back then. This brew is pleasant all around with great looks and mouthfeel as well as an aroma and flavour to hold your attention till the last sip. Quite simple yet nuanced demonstrating excellent craftsmanship. If not world-class, I still consider it a must-try for any beerlover/enthusiast.

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