What Hops Are in This? V.2 | Barncat Artisan Ales

Score: 90/100 - Outstanding

From a 500ml bottle served cool at 9 degrees Celsius into a Teku Glass. No date information on the bottle, but this is a new release and I picked it up straight from the brewery just over a week ago. Having last reviewed a barleywine by Barncat, I'm switching gears from malt and barrel to gorgeous hops. My expectations are above average.

Appearance (6/6)

The beer pours an opaque gold with 4.5cm of dense, creamy, white head which dissipates into a solid cap within 5+ minutes. Great lacing with persistent head. Fabulous hazeboi looks.

Aroma (22/24)

Medium-strong intensity with good balance. The aroma is all about hops with amazing depth. Enticing tropical fruit of mango and pineapple provide sweetness while citrusy lime and sweet orange add some crispness. Mild peach with a hint of gooseberries and cream at the back. A trace of grass and a suggestion of vegetal dankness. Also, pine. The dry nose is light with hints of malty sweetness and citrus. This is complex.

Flavour (36/40)

Strong intensity with good balance and pronounced perceived bitterness. The juicy palate opens up with notes of lime, minerals, and peach making way for a delicious center where notes of nectarines, mango, tangerines, grass, pine, and alcohol share the stage. The long finish is quite balanced and of moderate strength with notes of grapefruit, pine, grass, and low crackery malt. So complex.

Mouthfeel (10/10)

Medium-full body with moderate carbonation. The mouthfeel is creamy and mouth-coating with restrained alcohol warming and an off-dry finish. Mild astringency yet no harshness on the palate. Very good.

Overall (16/20)

Barncat Artisan Ales' What Hops Are in This V.2 is an outstanding IPA. Excellent appearance for a hazy IPA with no chunks and superb head retention. It's not obvious at first, but the flavour has an exquisite complexity which remains consistent throughout the aroma and the palate. Mouth-filling texture with no actual harshness on the tongue. I'd be willing to bet money there's Citra in this with Sabro coming in as a close second. I'd also guess there's a third hop here, but it's all too subtle to say. Overall, this is an IPA worth seeking out as it does stand out with its combination of layers, intrigue, and drinkability. Barncat is putting Ontario on the beer map with it's IPA's.

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