Beers featured here are all examined under the same, exact conditions; from the comfort of my home. I use a systematic approach to my reviews and I don't engage in one if I feel my sensory system is compromised. Each pour is down the center with enough vigour to raise a decent head. I do my best to remain honest and helpful. All the entries have been paid for by yours truly.

If you see a black and white image as a thumbnail, it's likely no photograph of the beer was captured. There's a chance I just didn't upload it too. My intention is to have a picture of each of the entries but my setup has gone through big changes over the last bit and I haven't yet been able to find a sweet spot for photography.

Badlands - Batch 1
Barncat - What Hops Are in This? V.2
Barncat - Is Barleywine Cool Yet?
Reverence - Waffle Companion
Reverence - Germane
Reverence - Cannon
HHoE - Roasting Planet
Wellington - Black is Beautiful
Third Moon - Apotheosis
Third Moon - Cut Me Down
Third Moon - Blood Dimmed Tide
Bellwoods - All Together
Victory - Java Cask Gold
Laugar - Funeralopolis
Laugar - Aupa Tovarisch - Jack Daniels Edition
Other Half - Cane Life 2020 Green
Other Half - Cane Life 2020 Red
SpindleTap - Cosmic Clouds
Bell's Brewery - Expedition Stout 2015
Bell's - Expedition Stout 2019
Rainhard - Rage and Love Sangria Sour
Badlands - September DIPA
Sawdust City - Blood of Cthulhu
Bas-Canada - Connexion
Het Anker - Gouden Carolus Ambrio
Unibroue - 17 Grande Reserve 2017
Sierra Nevada - Trip in the Woods
Ommegang - Winter is Here
Jolly Pumpkin - Oro de Calabaza
GLB - Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
Belhaven - Craft Pilsner
Samuel Smith - Organic Chocolate Stout
Thornbridge - Eldon
Weihenstephaner - Vitus
d'Achouffe - N'Ice Chouffe
Anchor Steam Beer
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