Expedition Stout 2019 | Bell's Brewery

From a 355ml bottle served at cellar temperature at 13 degrees Celsius into a TeKu glass. Bottled on 11/11/2019 - making this 5+ months old. I picked up the bottle straight from Bell's during my trip to Grand Rapids about three months ago. My expectations are above average.


The beer pours a clear black with 1cm of frothy, creamy, deep tan head which dissipates into a partial film within 2+ minutes. Decent lacing and good head retention.


Medium-strong intensity with good balance. The aroma is dark and potent with great layers. A rich burnt caramel and molasses character are complimented by mild dark fruit while robust charred wood, licorice root, and woody-herbal hops add more complexity. Let's not forget our friend ethanol - she's there kicking ass and taking names. The dry nose is malt-forward with notes of molasses, dark caramel, and a wisp of smoke.


Strong intensity with bitter balance and aggressive perceived bitterness. The palate opens up with salted black licorice, burnt caramel, and smoke leading towards a rugged center where woody (eucalyptus) and herbaceous (menthol) hops, ethanol, and charred dark fruit kick it up all the way to eleven. The long finish is strong and bitter with notes of salted black licorice, woody hops, smoke, mild dark fruit, and molasses.


Full body with moderate carbonation. The mouthfeel is thick and chewy with a velvety-smooth quality to it. Restrained alcohol warming and a medium-dry finish. Mild astringency with no actual harshness on the palate. Beerfection.


Bell's Brewery's Expedition Stout 2019 is an outstanding beer. Good looks flow into a powerful flavour profile which is bound to knock your socks off. This is not for the faint of heart. Big, bold flavour which convinces you to sip it slowly. As bitter as this is, there's balance: sweet elements move into spice which in turn moves into savoury notes and back to bitter. It's a rare attribute, but the mouthfeel really stands out as my favourite thing about this already delicious beer. Great viscosity and high impact on the palate without crossing over to harsh. No need to hesitate if you see one of these babies on the shelf - Bell's Expedition Stout delivers an outstanding drinking experience. Next up? Bell's Expedition Stout 2015! Straight from the brewery.

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