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Score: 97/100 - World-Class

From a 473ml can served warm at 18 degrees Celsius into a TeKu glass. Canned on 07/12/2022 - making this around six weeks old.

I picked up the beer straight from the brewery a few days after the release date. I had a small sample of it in the taproom and found it absolutely delightful.

The last stout I reviewed by BreWskey was their Rupture - a world-class pastry stout. Therefore, my expectations for Super Koko are very high.

Appearance (6/6)

The beer pours a clear black (opaque in glass) with 3 cm of frothy, moderately dense, brown head which dissipates into a partial film within 2+ minutes. No lacing with decent head retention.

Aroma (24/24)

Strong intensity with sweet balance. The aroma is lavish, dark, and dessert-like.

Incredibly rich chocolate milk character paired with coconut, caramel, and vanilla dominate the nose. Mild alcohol cuts through the sweetness while low black licorice note helps ground the aroma. There's also a deep nuttiness beneath the surface.

The dry nose is rich, deep, and sweet with notes of caramel, coconut, chocolate, nuts, and vanilla.

Flavour (38/40)

Follows the aroma with strong intensity, sweet balance, and assertive perceived bitterness.

The luxurious palate opens up salty-sweet with a mix of raw sugar, coconut, caramel, black licorice, and booze. The center remains plush and heavy with the sweet character of caramel, chocolate, coconut, and vanilla being pierced by alcohol and moderate black licorice spice. A candied nut character appears fashionably late, right at the tail end of the center.

The long finish is strong and quite balanced with notes of raw sugar, chocolate, dark caramel, black licorice, coconut, and a wisp of smoke. A succulent mofo this one.

Mouthfeel (9/10)

Full body with low carbonation. The mouthfeel is heavy, round, and chewy with significant alcohol warming and a luscious finish. No astringency or harshness on the palate but the alcohol is getting dangerously close to hot.

Overall (20/20)

BreWskey's Super Koko is a world-class pastry stout.

Solid appearance even if I've seen heavy stouts with tighter bubbles and better head retention compared to this. Sweet and glamorous aroma urges you to have a sip. On the palate, the beer slaps you with flavour reminiscent of a boozy chocolate milk topped with coconut and caramel. But there's a surprise - significant salty character of black licorice, nuttiness, and an umami richness add depth while aiding with balance. The mouthfeel is almost velvety-smooth with a round, chewy, mouth-coating quality. However, when warm, the beer does show it's heavy alcohol contenct which is pushing to the territory of being hot. It still works here considering the level of residual sugar in the beer.

Overall, I love BreWskey's Super Koko - it delivers a wonderful drinking (sipping) experience without going overboard in any of its elements. It's an extreme beer and I guarantee some people will find it too sweet. Yet, within heavy pastry stouts, Super Koko shines.

BreWskey has really nailed the base recipe which is almost guaranteed to stand out in any of their different iterations of it. I highly recommend trying the brewery's imperial stouts - they're truly exceptional.

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