Opus Two | Counterpoint Brewing Company

Score: 94/100 - Outstanding

From a 500ml bottle served at cellar temperature at 12 degrees Celsius into a TeKu glass. Bottled on March.19.2020 making this about six months old. As a summer (late June) 2020 release, the beer comes straight from the brewery and I acquired it through a friend. My expectations are slightly above average.

Appearance (6/6)

The beer pours a veiled gold with 4cm of moderately dense, frothy, white head which dissipates into a solid cap within 2+ minutes. Good lacing with decent head retention. Effervescent.

Aroma (22/24)

Medium-strong intensity with sharp-ish balance. The aroma is elegant and complex. Bright citrus notes of lemon and sweet orange pair with apricots and mild pineapple. A combination of generous oak and white grapes add a vinous quality. Additional notes of grainy-crackery malt, a hint of spice, a touch of earth, and a driblet of alcohol make for one intricate aroma. The dry nose is quite malty with notes of wet hay, dried fruit, and oak.

Flavour (37/40)

Follows the aroma with medium-strong intensity, great balance, and low perceived bitterness. The sour palate opens up with restrained lactic acidity, citrus (lemon), and white grapes making way for a balanced center where the beer takes on a beautiful, delicate character featuring notes of white grapes, lemon, orange peel, toasted grain, and significant oak. The short finish is balanced and of moderate strength with notes of dried apricot, plain yoghurt, grainy-crackery malt, a hint of spice, and moderate oak.

Mouthfeel (10/10)

Medium-light body with high carbonation. The mouthfeel is light, sparkling, and delicate with restrained alcohol warming and a dry finish. No astringency or harshness on the palate.

Overall (19/20)

Counterpoint Brewing's Opus Two is an outstanding sour beer demonstrating excellent craftsmanship. Great appearance due to notable foam quality and head retention for the style. The aroma with its nuanced layers is a thing of beauty. The flavour follows with incredible balance and character. If that wasn't enough, the boys at Counterpoint made sure the mouthfeel is wonderful: pleasant creaminess and a dry finish without overwhelming the palate with acidity. I highly recommend this. Most sour beers these days lack balance and character. Opus Two has both. It may not be obvious at first, but you're looking at a rare treat here - one that exceeded my expectations. My sincere compliments to Counterpoint for creating a remarkable beer. Cheers!

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