An ongoing personal project sharing the way I view the world.

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Black and white image of artificial lights.
Branches reaching towards a streetlight in a dark setting.
Group of pigeons on a streetlight.
Black and white image of a plane in the sky between two high-rise buildings.
Dramatic clouds over Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Shoes on a wire against the sky during fall in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.
Textured image of a manhole cover in the rain.
Black and white image of sunlight penetrating curtains.
Young male moving through a boardwalk in Toronto, Canada.
Colour image of two flags.
Image of the moon in its waxing crescent phase.
Black and white image of two roofs juxtaposed.
Man sitting in the shadows.
Street image from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
High-rise buildings in Toronto, Canada.
Sunlight, particles
Dark alley in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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